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This transmision scam has been on-going for many years. If you are at this point looking for answers : Then you found the right place.

Anybody reading this report will benefit greatly !!. You will concrete facts in regards to the title. Also you should read the whole report because it will save you money, time and a lot of anguish and grief. You are reading this because either 1) you talked to this con artist within the last 24 hours and you are checking reviews ( a little voice in your head keeps saying " To good to be true.

" ) (or) 2) You talked to this (supposed to be) transmission repairman and had the car towed to his shop and are now getting a rediculously high priced repair bill ( much more than you were promised on the your 1st call with this lowlife ) or 3) you paid a lot more than you imagined and are very upset and are looking for closure from the past days of having been put through a nightmare in getting your transmission repaired and getting your car back. I know because I went through almost 2 weeks of car repair nightmare with this crook. Here is how the scam works. This con man James runs a low priced ad for transmission rebuilds.( Ex: $1349 or $1395.) It is the first thing that catches your eye and there is a sign og hope that you will get your car repaired for under $1500.00.

WRONG !!!! This is the bait that this conman uses to lure all unsuspecting victims. Mr transmission conman then uses a potential victims desperation to have his/her car towed to a repair shop ( which he does not own / or does not work their & will never even see your car!!! ) with the promise of a good outcome.

Whoa ??? WHY are we talking to him ??( BEcause he is a conman ...Definition : A man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.) Oh so that's why we are talking to him. Now the next phase of the scam is that the transmission shop gives it to him for a discounted price. ; WHY ??

A very good question. Maybe, they need the business ??? The shops that he uses are not exactly honest either. They know about the scam he is running and turn a blind eye.

It could be a bunch of reasons , and I will explain in detail in another complaint. BUT you will pay a lot more money than the price he is being offered from the shop. BUT the part that is very disturbing is that he will be leading you on that it's a standard rebuild ,LIAR: In many cases it is not and the unsuspecting victim is unaware that a used transmission will be used. This happens quite often I am sure.

Now the question ?? WHY ?? The shop is not on the hook for this lie, you aren't there customer you are the conmans customer. It is much cheaper to do a used transmission swap as opposed to a COMPLETE rebuild.

AND if it is a rebuild you will have a very tough time proving that all the extra parts you are going to be told 2 days later will be needed ( HELLO; MORE money $$$ & goodbye $1395.00 ) to repair your vehicle. AND you are paying a lot more money as well ( Don't forget about the conmans money - $400 to $800 more is what I have heard he makes ) And do not forget he is orchestrating this scam from some room in a house on Long Island. This scam has been going on since at least 2013 - 2014. I've seen compaints going back this far.There are many of them.

The domain name is changed quite often to throw people as myself off his trail. BUT he ripped off the wrong guy and I am going to make sure the public is aware of his dishonesty and bad reputation. He has many complaints on the internet. Way to many to list.

Search hard and you will find them. He suppossedly lives in a town on Long Island. A mechanic at one of the shops he uses says the ripoff kingpin is a opiod pill popper as well as a drunk. I never did actually see him but what comes to mind is a bald , pudgy , doughy slob with many bad habits and no friends.

He never tries to dispute these compaints and accusations and that points to his guilt. I am putting together a list of shops that I will post on another report. BEWARE this guy will cheat you out of your hard earned money in a heartbeat. !!!!!

It is terrible as to he will take advantage of elderly persons , women struggling to keep their families together and to unware hard working people that just need a repair (an expensive one) done for their car and to get back to work to support their families. He has used many different names or domain names to lure unsuspecting victems into his trap. Names of other domain names are { / / } This is only a few. Does this sound like a man with solid reputation ?

NO !! Look these names up and you will see a long list of negative reviews. He switches them constantly to throw people off his track. These are phone numbers associated with his crooked on-line company.His 877 number is a new tactic he uses to keep scamming innocent people.

Past numbers that were used are : (267) 375-9291 (203) 297-9916 / 443-261-4743 / 732-201-8562 / (732) 481 - 2841 / ( 267 ) 434 - 1364 / ( 516 ) 403 - 1449 / ( 631 ) 371 - 8095 / 631-228-8823 . He operates in Baltimore , Philadelphia , New Jersey , Long Island , Connecticut. I have seen ads in the south , Atlanta is one city but were hard to find sometimes. This guy might operate even further away.

The shop in New Jersey Is Precision Automotive on Rahway Ave in Newbridge NJ. There reviews are just as bad. I got a very poor job and was overcharged by $900.00 . And I told him I was going to make the public aware of his terrible reputation.

He changes the name & the domain name & the phone numbers often to try and throw people like me off his track. But I'm not going away !!. He even recently just changed the name to after using for 5 to 6 months and that was changed from ( so this is about the 6th or 7th time in 2 years). Does this sound like a reputable transmission repair company ???

I've called him and said if he was a reputable businessman then he would address all negative reviews. He NEVER DOES. They are all labeled Unresolved. He preys on Hard working people with not much money, many with a limited educational background as well as the elderly.

The authorities apparently do nothing. It is up to good people like us to warn the public of these con-men. Do not let any of his henchmen and cohorts get the keys to your car. And if you are going to let them , do yourself a favor and type in the the names of those other domain names and/or type in the phone numbers to read all of the HORRIBLE and AWFUL reviews.

Many are against the elderly , and not financially well off. He takes advantage of helpless and hardworking individuals. This guy James Is DISGUSTING !!! and should be put out of business forever !!

Let this be a lesson to you James Saroka ( what ever you call yourself ) it's time to get a real job !!! To the unsuspecting public , please take your time when your facing a costly automotive repair.

Yours Truly

A Transmission rip-off victim

Product or Service Mentioned: 1395Depot Car Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

1395depot Cons: Very dishonest.

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